Change first name on birth certificate

Or simply continue below:. This process can be done at any time after the birth as long as the baptism took place within 12 months of the registration. If the child has not been baptised the parents can complete a form at the Register Office. Certified copies of the amended registration can then be bought.

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How to Change the Date of Birth on a Birth Certificate

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Inserting a forename or surname in a birth register of a person registered without a forename or surname Section 23 of the births and Deaths Registration Act, Tariffs vary for majors and for persons who have not entered into a legal marriage or who have not been declared as majors in terms of the Age of Majority Act. Altering the surname of a minor section 25 of births and Deaths Registration Act.

A woman may assume her husband's surname, or revert to her maiden surname or a prior surname she legally bore, and since a woman may also join her surname with that of her husband's as a double-barreled surname. No application to the Department of Home Affairs is necessary in these instances, but to enable the Department to update the Population Register, women should notify the Department of such changes in writing. Apart from the aforesaid exclusions, no major may assume another surname unless such change of surname has been approved by the Director-General of Home Affairs and has been published in the Government Gazette.

Changing the Surname of your Child