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Over the last year we have bought 's of HP elite books to get everyone on the same stand hardware. Tried to make a warranty claim on the HP website multiple times but it didn't work, then eventually found a number to call, took ages to get through to the right person. At this moment in time we might start looking at Dell laptops if HP warranty service is this bad.

But before we do I'd like to know what other peoples experiences are like with both Dell and HP's warranty service. It really depends on where you're located. If you have both HP and Dell support in the immediate area, which most major metropolitan areas do, then their "Pro" level support is about the same. If, on the other hand, you're unfortunate enough to be remote then you want the company with the closer support. My previous job had an office in Tulsa and we only put HP products there because the HP support was literally in the same office complex as our office.

Dell support, on the other hand, came out of Oklahoma City, over an hour and a half away. I used Dell everywhere else because both HP and Dell had local support offices. One other thing to remember, many times the on-site support is a third party contract by HP or Dell, or in many cases both companies. Hi Alexis - I did some digging, and I found this video on our support site! Dell on the other hand, I have had plenty of experience with.

Sure, I have a couple of stories of support calls that were a hassle. For the most part though, they are very easy to work with and I would recommend them to anyone. What type of warranty Service do you have for the HP laptops? Pro Support works well for me as they are pretty good. HP and Lenovo make great products and throughout the years we have purchased a few here and there to test.

We've had a number of warranty claims with Dell but we can jump on a chat with them and within 10 minutes have parts on the way for next day delivery. They are easy to get in touch with, quick to get parts to us and the machine is up and running the next day. Any other brand we have tried has been much more of a hassle to get serviced. I still prefer their servers over Dell.

As others have mentioned, you occasionally get a call to support that lasts entirely too long. We've had two warranty clams in the last 4 weeks and each time, a technician was on-site the next day. My experience with Dell support has always been good over the many years we used them. Our problem is with the onsite techs that they contract with.

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They are the worst of the worst. Never on time. Never prepared. Never fix on the first visit. It was so bad that we have sworn off Dell for now.

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Even after many discussions with our rep and anyone else at Dell that would listen. LaserValley Technologies is an IT service provider. From a dealer side, support has improved dramatically since the split and I know they are focused on making the experience smooth and stress free.

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Make Priscilla or Emily aware of what is going on so they can escalate. Brand Representative for HPE. Tagging my HP Inc sister. Yes, we share a rich history but have been separated for nearly 2 years. I am here to ensure that your complaint is heard within HP and resolved quickly. Your frustration is felt and is understandable since it appears that your one Elitebook that has failed is still under the manufacturer's warranty. If you PM me with your case number or serial number so I can locate the case, your issue will be escalated immediately.

In the meantime let me make some comments that may impact your challenges. This is not an excuse as processes need to be robust to withstand hiccups, but globally HP Inc.

What Coverage Will Your Laptop Warranty Provide?

Unfortunately, I am retrieving issues that point to this new process as one cause of support complaints. With continued training and experience, understandably, the process should flow very well. Your profiles shows that you are in the U. In this region, the EliteBooks are being serviced by a third party which I believe is also new in this support process. Here in the U. This team has been given high marks by members in this Community. I eagerly await your PM so your post can be directed to our UK staff for resolution and process review.

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  • A HP laptop dies then we place a call and the same day a tech comes on site. No problems at all with them. Perhaps the fact the local HP office is only 10 minutes away is an added bonus. Arcanux is an IT service provider. DELL has been great for us, we do purchase a small volume of HP and Lenovo and I haven't had any nightmare scenarios knock on wood with any of them.

    However, as far as efficiently and accurately processing warranty issues, whether it can be repaired onsite or needs to be sent into the depot, we have found DELL to be far superior. We have had the issue with all manufacturers and have found that all of them use subs at some point in the chain. Note: We cannot have 3rd parties entering schools in most cases and where it was allowed the subs did not portray the necessary levels of professionalism. If you are having any trouble with any of them though, I would look into the relationship as it's very likely all of them have similar manufacturing locations, employee ages, etc.

    So just because one is better than the others this summer doesn't guarantee next. HP support? And I find them quite frustrating. Dell is fairly decent when it comes to warranty service, however its a struggle to get things warrantied with them when you don't have a catastrophic failure or error codes from their diagnostic app, otherwise there quick, fast and depending on warranty, provide everything you need.

    As far as HP, heres all i have to say Generally, unless you have a paid warranty service, HP, generally has about the same service as Dell, but do you want to deal with a company that knowingly sells you a POS, tries to lie about it, and then only offers you a meager resolution after you sue them? That being said, there business machines tend to be just as reliable as dell. The service is approx. I prefer dell over HP support.

    Warranty Information For Your HP Device - HP Support Assistant - HP

    With dell I have a dedicated support manager and account manager so issues can be resolved. Myself I like HP. Had many Dell's over the years but maybe its just my luck they seem to break more often. Is it for 1 year or more? Going with a laptop warranty that is for more than a year as long as it does not involve additional costs makes the most sense. Some laptop manufacturers do offer extended warranties.

    Retail service plans are normally offered by the retail outlet that you will be purchasing your new laptop from. They differ from warranties in that they may cover additional exposures and can be purchased for different periods of time 1, 2 or 3 years. A retail service plan offers the best value in most circumstances.

    Mobile professionals who travel frequently are well advised to read carefully any mention of international warranty coverage. This section may explicitly list which items are covered and in what countries you will have coverage in. Many laptop manufacturers will list by component modem or power adapter and where it is certified to operate in. Another item worth investigating with an international laptop warranty is how repairs will be carried out.

    Is my laptop under warranty? How can I check? | New York Computer Help

    While traveling can you take your laptop to a certified repair service where you currently are or do you have to return to the country of origin. Really good international laptop warranties will have provision for repairing or servicing at the location you are currently.

    In the laptop warranty, the manufacturer will state how repairs will be completed and whether they will use new, used or refurbished parts. Choosing a new laptop that will be repaired with new parts is always preferable. The warranty will also provide details on where servicing will take place.