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I cannot find any info on this water heater. No brand name on faceplate.

Model is 52 EE-T. Serial is I am trying to find out how old this water heater is. It sounds like an older model as anything even remotely recent is required to have certain info on it. So in your case, the 27th week of Hi I have a kenmore water heater.

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Serial is EG Thank you. Only the first character should be a letter. If EO, it would be May of Model no. Mims40t6lx10 ser.

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Propane hot water. Can I tell me the year? Serial number is 1 7 Can you find out how old it is? Are there any other labels affixed to the tank anywhere which show the brand or model?

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Thanks, Cheryl. Bradford White acquired Aero in but this serial number was before then.

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Can you help? Can you help determine the age of my water heater? Mor-Flo Industries Inc. It is in a double wide mobile home that was built in March of It is the original so I assume it to be a or earlier. Cannot figure out the code in the serial number though. Anyone else have this problem?

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Thank you! For example Lochnivar water heaters include a model number prefix that determines whether the heater is warranted for six years or for ten years. If the water heater is in any other use than one-family residential, the heater is warranted for one-year on parts and three years on the tank itself. Watch out : if the water heater tank leaks and fails before the end of the warranty period, if the system has not been properly installed or maintained the warranty may be void.

Water heater warranties typically indicate that the tank is warranted against leaks due to rust, corrosion, or chemical action of the water but the warranty will exclude a tank failure due to scale. This heater will have a short life, may be dangerous risk of explosion from a combination of pressure, rust, and flooding , and is almost certainly not going to be warranted by the maufacturer if they see how it was installed. Watch out : as well to perform the manufacturer's recommended water heater maintenance chores.

Flushing a water heater on schedule, checking and replacing the water heater anode when required, and attention to the water quality in the home - corrosivity and mineral level for example, can make a significant difference in the water heater's life. Just below at "Continue reading" are key water heater maintenance articles that can significantly extend water heater life.

Indirectly we can infer some interesting information about actual water heater life for the United States from the U. DOE Energy star report cited below. Interpreting this data to make a statement about water heater life, we have made up the table below:. Department of Energy, includes only gas and electric water heaters. Other water heating energy sources such as wood and solar water heating are not included in this data.

Oil fired water heaters are used in the U. This table assumes that water heaters are principally installed because a prior heater has reached the end of its life.

This assumption is inaccurate insofar as it does not reflect the installation of water heaters as the first heater installed, such as in a newly-constructed home. For example, in December there were thousand housing starts compared with 41, thousand housing starts in the UK and thousand housing starts in Canada. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly.

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Just ask us! Table of U. Department of Energy, includes only gas and electric water heaters Other water heating energy sources such as wood and solar water heating are not included in this data. Share this article. Search the InspectApedia website.