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Verify that everything is true. Make sure that they change any incorrect information. After the screening company investigates, they should send you the corrected results. Prepare yourself for any questions they may ask about it. Running background checks seems like a lot of work. Is all this really worth it? Running a background check does take effort, but it prepares you for what your employer will find.

You will be able to handle any issues that come up. You will also be prepared to answer tough questions related to your background check results. Background checks show you if something is inaccurate.

Criminal Record Checks - Reveal Criminal Records based on CPIC results

You can then resolve incorrect information before it panics your prospective employer. Doing a background check in advance improves your chances of getting the job you want. So, which screening company is best for your needs?

Plenty of employers run background checks, and most get fantastic benefits from it. Get in on the benefits by running your own background check first. While you can find a lot of the same information by doing your own background check, it takes more time. The various fees can also add up. Contracting a background check company to do the checking for you will save you time and money. A screening company also includes only the information that your employer can see. But, where can you find the best company to run a background check on yourself? At Trusted Employees, we offer self-background checks.

We can help you decide what background checks fit your employment needs and interpret the results for you. Contact us today to learn more. She has worked in the background screening industry for over 15 years and holds Advanced Certification in the Fair Credit Reporting Act from the National Association of Professional Background. Start by using these basic methods: Online databases.

Search online public records databases to see your information. Social media. Google yourself and look at your social media profiles. Court records. Check your references, education history, and work experience. Credit report. Request your credit report from one of the three nationwide credit reporting companies. The right background check company. Order a comprehensive background check from a company specialized in background searches. Searching Online Public Records Databases Public records databases reveal if you have a criminal record. You can search online public records by following these steps: Check all available national databases and public records.

For federal cases, you can use the online index for federal court records.

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Look at your records and make sure no items belong to someone with a similar name. If something is incorrect, be prepared to dispute it. Searching Social Media Social media has become a massive concern for employers. You can do this yourself or hire a company to deal with it. Look at all your social media profiles.

Do they look professional?

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Are the pictures and comments appropriate? If something looks dodgy, delete it or make your account private. Check if the relevant courthouses have their records available online. If not, visit each courthouse in person to request your record. Inspect your records. Review the details to ensure everything is correct. If anything is incorrect on your records, be prepared to dispute it with the court.

You can file this yourself or consult a lawyer.


Reviewing Your References Verifying references, work history, and education is crucial for employers. You can review your references by following these steps: Call your work references and ask them about your work history. Confirm your position, duties, start and end dates, and the date of any promotion you received. Call your high school and postsecondary school. Ask them for a copy of your records and verify that everything is correct. For further information on ex gratia applications please follow the following link: Legal Assistance and Applications.

Lodge an application for a National Police Check. To dispute the accuracy of criminal record information, please contact the Criminal Records Section or use the Disputing Criminal Record Information form. Customers without internet access should contact the Criminal Records Section for further information. Check the status of your criminal record check. Due to privacy, security and confidentiality reasons, a 'status' of your check can only be provided with no personal details.

Check the status. However, some employers of persons in child-related work may also require a National Police Check to assess the suitability of a person for employment in a particular position. Details on applying for a criminal record check via the AFP are available at www.

Volunteers working in commonwealth funded aged care facilities should apply online and select name and date of birth - aged care volunteer, in the purpose field, to receive a reduced rate check. Reduced price checks are not available for paid employees in aged care and the final certificate will clearly identify that the check is for aged care volunteer purposes only.

Private and public sector organisations which anticipate conducting 50 or more National Police Checks per annum may apply directly to the Criminal Records Section to become a Registered Organisation. A: The NSW Police Force provides an opportunity for NSW residents aged 14 years and above to apply for a National Police Check for visa, adoption, employment including authorisation as an authorised carer , approval as a household member of an authorised carer, some occupational licensing purposes, student placements and for volunteers working in Commonwealth supported aged-care facilities.

A: NSW residents aged 14 years and above. Non-NSW residents must apply in the state they usually reside. Q: Can I lodge an application for Australian citizenship, residency, spouse visa, guardianship of a child from another country, working visa or whilst travelling or living abroad? A: No. A: Volunteers working in Commonwealth funded aged-care facilities should apply online at www. Therefore, the certificate is not suitable for any other purpose. This type of check should only be used for volunteers in Commonwealth funded aged care facilities. A: Yes. Credit card payments may be made online at the time of application or in person at any NSW Police station.

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However, proof of identity must still be presented at a Police station. Payment may be made at any NSW Police station. Applicants may wish to contact their Police station to ensure police are available to accept an application at a convenient time. All applications must be made online and proof of identity documents must be presented in person by the applicant at a NSW Police station.

A: A paper application form is available by contacting the Criminal Records Section on 02 A: Applicants are required to present the printed confirmation page and proof of identity documents at a NSW Police station. Alternatively, if no printer is available, the Document ID number provided on the confirmation screen MUST be provided when attending the Police station. A: Applicants must provide three 3 types of acceptable identification from the drop down list provided on the online form or as listed on page two of the paper application form.

Identification must be original not copies and should include at least one type of photographic ID and identification that contains a signature and date of birth. Applicants must record the identification type eg Medicare card and number if applicable. Acceptable types of identification are:.